about us

Malta Fireworks is a family enterprise located in Malta. Established in the year 2000 , the company specializes in the design and production of traditional Maltese Irdieden. Malta Fireworks exports and distributes Irdieden to several places around the world.

Malta Fireworks is run and managed by Toni Busuttil and his son Clint. Toni’s first Raddiena was in 1974, for the feast of St. Mary in Mqabba, Malta. More Irdieden were manufactured in the following years, where one can still find them in various villages in Malta and Gozo.

In October of the year 2000, thanks to Harry Gilliam of Skylighter, the Irdieden were introduced in America with the Crackerjacks Then in the year 2002, Malta Fireworks participated with the M.P.A.G., displaying 3 Irdieden at the final show at the PGI convention in Fargo….Symphony of Fire.

In the year 2003, in Montreal Canada, at the SAQ World Fireworks competition Malta Fireworks participated with PyroMagic Productions and displayed 1 Raddiena which was part of a 30 minute pyromusical show… Result Bronze Medal.

Malta Fireworks took part in various other displays outside Malta in the coming years, the biggest being in Hong Kong where 5 Irdieden were displayed as part of the closing ceremony of the Cathay Pacific International Jockeys’ Competition. New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, India, United Kingdom, Italy and Hong Kong were amongst the countries in which the Irdieden were displayed.